Two Eyes are Better Than None

1995-October - 1996-March: Single Image Stereogram
A strange project using the same technology as the evil "Magic Eye" images that plagues the malls of the world in the mid '90s. The ideas were all over the place. One was to make a game piece for McDonald's, another was a device to make seeing the images easier. Yet another was a cube that when looked at right would have a single image stereogram image appear across several faces. I really didn't understand the project, I simply created the images and tried to figure out how to make a simple viewer. At this point I had not yet met Douglas Goodman, although I did know of the larger project that Marty was working on with Douglas and several other ArtCenter students and graduates. Soon enough I would be there as well.
Where is this project now? Nowhere. My eyes are aching from trying to figure out what secrets these old images contain.

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txt2pic.com let's you generate sterograms with your text through a web page app.