My very first paid design project

1995-September - December: ToothPacer
Simple idea and a simple design. I liked it. Too bad it never went anywhere. The idea was a toothbrush holder with a timer built in, the handles are holders and when it is flipped the opposite handle becomes the holder.
The idea was thought up by Anne Nowlin, the wife of the Steve Nowlin who ran the gallery at ArtCenter. I was due to take an internship at SmithBruni Design Colsultants, but it fell through at the last minute; too late to register for the term. I was able to take a few classes, but had lots of free time. I was handed this job via Marty Smith, the department chair.
I made some sketches of various ideas. Then a bunch of clay models to get a sense of scale and proportion. I finished up with several prototypes with hand sculpted parts and a custom blown hourglass. I molded a bunch of parts in various colors. It turned out quite nice, too bad I never took any photos of the finished product.

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