What was I thinking?

1996-January - March: Stinger
I can't recall how, but Carlton Calvin, a local guy who was selling keychains with scorpions in them contacted me about designing a display for the key chains.
From the start I knew the budget was small so I tried to come up with something simple. I made a bunch of scorpions, spiders and beetles out of sculpy. The several scorpions had large tails to hang the keychains from. Everything was mounted on a large background shape and base with more sculpy for the logo. Then I made two huge silicone molds plus a small one for the tails.
It sort of worked, but not well. After many experiments, I finally cast one entire set of parts and handed everything over to the guy. It took many weeks of work and I was only paid 75$ + materials. He wanted me to work on it more to make the thing easier to assemble and complained that the resin smelled very bad. I was not interested in working on it any further.
Did I learn anything from his project? Stay tuned to find out.

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